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Media Transfers

Preserving Memories Since 1998


Tape Transfers & Repairs

Convert your old family videos into DVDs or digital files with our Media Transfer Service. Our technicians can convert various types of media, repair media that has been damaged, and provide the best quality conversion the industry can provide. Each tape is carefully handled and processed with care. 

Video formats that we transfer

  • VHS / VHS-C Tape

  • 8mm / Hi8 Tape

  • MiniDV / DVCam 

  • 8mm / Super 8 / 16mm Film

  • MiniDVD

  • DVD / CD Duplication

  • Camcorder / Video Recorders

Copyrighted material cannot be converted.

Phone/Tablet Transfers

With the countless photos, videos, and audio recordings we save to our devices every year, running low on storage space is easy. With our phone/tablet transfer service, you can save your phone's media to any format of your choice, clear up your phone's memory, and start fresh!

We support iPhone and Android devices. 


High Resolution

Photo Scans

Columbus Tape & Video offers high resolution scans of your photos and 35mm slides. Each photo can be saved in a digital format of your choice to a photo disc, flash drive, or digital upload.

Vinyl & Cassettes

Bring back the old school with our vinyl and cassette transfer service. Each record or cassette is converted in the highest possible quality and saved to a high fidelity digital audio format.


Music can be tracked out song by song and

saved to a CD, flash drive, or digital upload. 

Copyrighted material cannot be converted.

dvd duplication.jpg

Media Duplication

Produce multiple copies of your media with our media duplication service. We can duplicate DVDs (Video and Photo), CDs, and most forms of digital media. We offer professional packaging options as well, so your DVDs, CDs, and digtial media can be personalized to suit any event. Our graphic design experts can bring any creative idea to life. 

Media that we duplicate

  • DVD (Playable)

  • DVD (Data)

  • Audio CD

  • CD (Data)

  • Flash Drives

Copyrighted material cannot be duplicated.

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